Frequently Asked Questions

About our Product:

Are the drugs listed here branded pills?

All of the products listed here on our page are generic versions of the branded products.

What does ‘generic’ mean?  Do these generic versions of branded products generate similar effect?

The main differences you will find with branded products and their generic version is their name, their shape, and mostly their price.  Generic drugs are usually named after their active ingredient whereas branded drugs use trade name given by their manufacturer.  Since pharmaceutical companies and discoverer of a certain drug cannot hold patent over a chemical agent, makers of generic medicines are able to reproduce these branded drugs legally, but without using any trade names.  In essence, both branded and generic products have the same active ingredient which is why their medical effect is essentially the same.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?

The high cost of branded drugs is that they are trying to make up for the loss made during the research and development of the drug including the money they had spent in advertising the drug.  Additionally, the expense made in getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States alone is not exactly cheap.  The makers of these generic drugs on the other hand do not need to make up for these costs, which is why they are able to offer their generic products at significantly low price.

The pills that you have do not have the same appearance as the branded drugs.  The pills that I got have different printed label on them.  How come?

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers of a drug, even if they spent tens of millions of dollars in research and development over a drug they created cannot have patent over a chemical agent they have discovered.  They are however given a certain amount of time to make up for cost until they allow generic drug makers freedom to reproduce the drug.  The main conditions that generic drug makers have to abide by is that their products remain unbranded and use only the active ingredient (the generic name) as the main trade name of their product, and that they should refrain from copying the shape the branded pills have.  Thus, you will find similar products made by different manufacturers with different shapes and logos.

What is the certainty that pills you sell are of good quality?

The quality of the products that we sell is actually our most primary concern.  Our logic is in fact very simple: by providing our customers with high quality products, we believe that we will have more return customers.  Because of this belief, we make sure we choose only the best supplier whose products undergo through testing and have a good quality control being employed in their manufacturing site.  In addition to this, we also make sure that the products they release are well documented.  The products that we have are made in India and the maker possesses a state license and an approval by the Food and Drug Administration of India.  Every parcel of products we ship out contains a Certificate of Analysis which was acquired from the laboratory of the drug manufacturer – an action which is in full adherence to Indian Law.

Do the pills have any particular shelf-life?

The pills have 2 years of shelf life starting from the manufacturing date.  This means different batches will have different expiration dates.  The expiration date is found in every blister to help you track when the pills of a certain blister are no longer good to take.


There are products within this site that requires a legal prescription.  If the laws in your country dictate that you need to have a prescription in order to avail of certain products, then you are going to be asked to send your prescription to us via fax or email after completing your order.  You will be given three days to furnish us a copy of your prescription.  Only upon receiving your prescription will we process your order. If you are not able to provide us a copy within that time period, your purchase will no longer be processed.

Is there any difference between each generic Levitra dosages?

Generic Levitra comes in doses of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.  This simply means that the 2mg dose has 2.5mg of vardenafil, the 5mg dose has 5mg of vardenafil, the 10mg dose has 10mg of vardenafil, and the 20mg dose has 20mg of vardenafil.  The reason as to why there are different dosages is because different people have different reaction towards a drug.  The normal starting dose for vardenafil is 10mg.  If this dose is not adequate for you to gain erectile response, your doctor is likely to increase your generic Levitra dosage.  However, if 10mg may be too much for you, your doctor will definitely decrease your generic Levitra dosage.

What differences do Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra have?

Name of Drug Dosage Time Needed for Response How to Take Effect Length
 Levitra  2.5, 5, 10, 20 mg  20 minutes  w/ water  6 hours
 Cialis  5, 10, 20 mg  30 minutes  w/ water  36 hours
 Viagra  50, 100 mg  1 hour  w/ water  4 hours


How to Order

What do I need to order?

If you would like to make a purchase, all you need to do are the following steps:

  1. Select the item you are interested in buying and click on the button “Buy Now!”
  2. Select how many pills you would like to buy.
  3. Click on the “Checkout” button.
  4. Fill the necessary details in our order information.
  5. Review each fields and the quantity of pills you want to order and if everything is alright, the click on the “Submit” button.
  6. When your order gets accepted, a notification on your screen will appear on your screen.  A confirmation message regarding your order will also be sent onto the email that you have provided.  This confirmation message is important.  If you don’t get it within the next 10 minutes, kindly inform us so we can resend it to you once more.

What are your methods of payment?

Currently, the only payment method that we accept is payments made via credit card.

When is the charge going to get posted?

The following is how we execute our order procedure:

  1. The minute you “submit” the order information, this information will be sent out towards the processing center wherein it will be checked and your credit card charged.
  2. Once the payment gets authorized and approved by your credit card provider, your order will get its approval and then processed for shipping.

How secure is your site for me to just hand out my personal credit card details?

Our credit card payment system is very secure and we take all the necessary steps and measures to ensure that your credit card details are safe and protected.  Once you submit your order information, you will be redirected to a secure webpage where you can securely input your card details.  One way of reassuring yourself that the page is secure is by looking at the address bar.  Normally, a webpage will only have HTTP, whereas a secure website will have HTTPS.  The S in HTTPS stands for secure.  Additionally, you can also look for a locked icon that indicates a webpage is secure.  For Internet Explorer, this can be found at the lower right portion of the browser.  For Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, this lock icon can be found at the beginning of the address bar.  For Apple Safari, this lock icon is located at the top right portion of the browser.


Will you be able to transport the parcel to my place?

We handle orders that can be shipped to most countries.  The only exemptions to this are certain Asian countries.

Where does the parcel come from?

Since the medications we sell are made in India, the orders that you have processed with us will be sent from there as well.

What type of packaging is used? Do I need to sign the parcel when it is delivered?

It is very important for us that your anonymity remains private.  With this, the product that will be delivered to you will be inside a discrete packaging or envelope which the courier will leave inside your mailbox. You will not need to sign for anything.

Do you have shipping options?

We currently offer two options for shipping:

  1. Courier Service:  this is a type of shipping service wherein you will be able to track your shipment.
  2. Standard International Airmail: this is through regular postal service wherein you will not be able to track down your shipment.

What are your shipping rates?  How long do I need to wait before the parcel is delivered?

Our shipping rates differ according to the type of shipping service you want as well as the country where the parcel will be delivered.  Kindly take note of the table listed below:

Shipping Option

Shipping Rate

Delivery Period


 Courier Service  US $  5-9 working days


 Standard International Airmail  US $  10-21 working days



We cannot provide courier service to people who have P.O. Box as their shipping address or those who provide us with the wrong phone number.

Kindly take note that the delivery period stated here is only the estimated amount of time to make a delivery for most cases.  This does not always guarantee that this will be the amount of days you will have to wait before you can receive your package, particularly if there are certain unforeseen events.  We don’t take responsibility over delays caused by disruptions in mails brought about by international holidays, natural disasters, and other occurrences and events that may disrupt the delivery process, something which are beyond anyone’s control.  Also, kindly take note that this online enterprise does not take any responsibility over delays caused by customs inspections made with international mails and packages.

Will the orders I make be shipped on the day I made my purchase?

The items being sold here on our site are always in stock from where they are manufactured at.  This helps to ensure that the products are ready for speedy delivery.  The products are sent immediately for delivery as soon as the payment gets approved.  This procedure usually takes a day or two.

Is it possible for orders to be delayed by customs?

Yes, but if this happens, you will be informed immediately.  They will usually ask the person receiving the package to give them permission to inspect the package.  Once they are done, you will be able to get you package.  Should any problems ensue with your order, kindly inform us about it so we can help in resolving the problem.

If the product is damaged or has something missing, what should I do?

If this is the case, it is important that you contact our site’s customer service and inform them regarding your concern.  To resolve the issue, we may either send you another package at no cost, or refund the payment that you have made.  For additional information regarding this, kindly check out Our Policies.

Please be informed that if you order 90 pills or more from us, the package we will send you will be in a number of parcels.  You will receive 30 pills along with gift pills on the first parcel you will receive.  The second parcel which you will after a week will contain the remaining 60 pills.

Do I need to pay when a product is reshipped?

The shipping fee is free for reshipped products.  You will not be incurring any additional charges.

Viewing Your Orders

How to check the current status of the orders I have placed?

There are actually two options in checking your order status:

  1. Contact our customer support team via the ‘contact us.’
  2. Check it online.

Via the ‘track order,’ you can check your current order status.  You can check both dispatch date as well as estimated delivery day using this.  Once you are within the page, just enter your order number, the email address you provided, and your verification code.  If you are using any courier service, you will be able to obtain your tracking number from this page as well.

The package has not yet been sent.  Is it possible to change shipping details at this point?

If the order is not yet with the shipping service, go to the account section and leave a message.  There you can cancel your order or make changes to your shipping information.

Cancelling orders

Kindly check our Returns and Reimbursements Policy for more information.