Important Facts to Know about Vardenafil Hydrochloride

Vardenafil hydrochloride is actually the generic name of Levitra, one of the few yet very effective drugs created for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in men.  If you are someone who is prescribed by your doctor to turn to erectile dysfunction medication for your condition, then you can try out vardenafil hydrochloride and hope for the best.  However, before you go ahead and buy vardenafil hydrochloride, it is wise to first know more about this particular drug.

Common information about vardenafil hydrochloride:  Sometimes, medications are prescribed or suggested for conditions other than the ones shown in pamphlets included in the pack.  With that said, never take vardenafil hydrochloride for a condition that does not correspond with it.  Also, never give vardenafil hydrochloride to others, even if you know that they have the same problem as you have.  Keep in mind that even if two people have the same erectile dysfunction problem, one of them may not be suited to take vardenafil hydrochloride because of many factors (current health condition, presence of heart disease problems, lifestyle, emotional distress, etc.), and it may possibly do them more harm than good.

The active ingredient of Levitra is of course: vardenafil hydrochloride.  Inactive ingredients usually include colloidal silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, red and yellow ferric oxide, titanium dioxide, crospovidone, etc.  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist in case you might be allergic to any of the ingredients contained in a vardenafil hydrochloride tablet.  If so, you may be given the option to stop the medication and try a different one.

Of course, just like any other medication that can help cure a condition but still have its own set of side effects, vardenafil hydrochloride is also one of them.  Vardenafil hydrochloride may rarely cause two side effects: (1) color vision changes such as having a hard time differentiating between green and blue colors or there is somewhat a blue color on every object being viewed, and (2) priapism, which somewhat refers to painful erection that will last for 4 hours or more.  In the rare case that you get this symptom, you need to have it treated right away because priapism due to intake of vardenafil hydrochloride can cause permanent damage to your penis. Continue reading

Get Your Erectile Function Back with Vardenafil Tablets 20 mg

If you are a man and you develop a condition wherein you are no longer able to produce a penile erection, then it means you are suffering from a male sexual condition called erectile dysfunction (ED).  While this condition may not be very serious healthwise, it can be a bit detrimental for your sex life.  Since a penile erection is needed to successfully vaginally penetrate your female sex partner, if you cannot produce an erection, it means that you cannot have sexual intercourse.  When this happens, not only will you be deprived from the pleasures brought by sex, but your female partner will likely be deprived of it as well.

For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction these days, they are lucky because a very effective treatment for male impotence can be used at their disposal.  When it comes to treating ED, vardenafil tablets 20 mg is considered the most effective.  These days, vardenafil tablets 20 mg is the most highly sought after ED treatment drug thanks to its high rate of effectiveness against erectile impairment. If you have an ED condition and are still not using any assistive treatment from ED treatment drugs, it is crucial that you consult your doctor so you will be given prescription for vardenafil tablets 20mg.  Through vardenafil tablets 20 mg, you will be able to get your erectile functions back.

How to Take Vardenafil?

Vardenafil tablets 20 mg is a PDE5 inhibitor drug that temporarily treats erectile dysfunction.  If you are given a prescription to take vardenafil tablets 20 mg for your ED condition, you are only allowed to take one dose of the medication within 24 hours.  The duration of action of this ED medication is only 6 hours.  This means that your sexual activity must be completed within those 6 hours.  Even if it is said that the drug can be used as needed, the ‘as needed’ means when you need to have sex and that dosing of the drug is only once per day. Continue reading