Can I Take Doxazosin and Vardenafil HCL Together?

Erection problems can often be a complication of other health problems such as hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Of all the 30 million men suffering ED around the globe, more than half of that population may have suffered high blood pressure or BPH, or both at the same time. The sad news is that aside from suffering the devastating symptoms, it will also take away your happiness and, to some, there is no point of living anymore. However, medicines are made available in order to cope up with this situation. Speaking of medications, another question may arise – is it okay to take Doxazosin while using vardenafil hcl?

Doxazosin, commonly known for its brand name Cardura, is a type of alpha-adrenergic blocker used to manage high blood pressure, or hypertension. The major function of the drug is to relax the arteries and veins to encourage easier flow of blood towards the other parts of the body. Men with prostate issues can also benefit of taking Doxazosin since it can help alleviate urination difficulties. Continue reading

How Long After Vardenafil HCL Can I Use Nitroglycerin?

Men who have suffered heart problems and high blood pressure are most likely susceptible of acquiring erectile dysfunction. All of these conditions have one common factor and this has something to do with proper blood circulation. A person with heart problems may suffer poor delivery of blood supply to the other parts of the body, as well as those who have hypertension. For men suffering erection problems, the root cause may also be blamed to these disorders because, as what we all may know, an appropriate blood supply towards the penis is very essential to successfully gain erection. The carriage of blood supply is basically the major function of the heart, arteries and veins. But what happens if you are suffering these conditions all together? Continue reading

Some Reasons Why Vardenafil and Nitroglycerin is a Bad Combo

As much as we want to be treated with medications, we also do not want to magnify our health problems as a result of drug ignorance. Here, we are talking about how to avoid negligence of combining some sort of drugs, such as vardenafil HCL 20 mg, to avoid permanent system damage and even fatal complications. In the case for most men, erection problems are most of the time rooted from other disorders, and high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the best examples. How does this condition increase the risk of men in acquiring ED? Basically, erection is a result of sending out more blood supply towards the penis as a result of sexual stimulation. During sexual act, stimuli are sent to the brain to release chemicals that expand smooth muscles to enhance more blood flow and meet the demands of the penis for proper erection. The heart also plays a major role since, as a response to the signals sent by the brain, it tends to work harder by pumping more blood to attain enough supply to certain areas of the body, especially to the male organ. But what happens if you suffer heart problems and hypertension?

Most people who have high blood pressure are prescribed with nitroglycerin to manage the symptoms. This drug works by expanding the arteries and veins to accommodate more blood flow and prevent rupture of the veins caused by too much blood pressure. ED drugs such as vardenafil HCL 20 mg also works this way; to encourage blood flow it has to relax smooth muscles especially those that surrounds the penis to attain erection. You have to understand that vardenafil HCL 20 mg, aside from being a PDE5 inhibitor, is also a vasodilator which can pose dangerous effects when combined with nitrates.

What can you expect if ever vardenafil HCL 20 mg is taken together with nitrates? You will definitely experience extreme blood pressure decrease which leads to hypotension. A low blood pressure can be very dangerous since it deprives other parts of the body, such as the heart and the brain, with enough blood supply. Blood is life and other major organs cannot function well without its sufficient supply, which is the same reason why you are also taking vardenafil HCL 20 mg.

If you want to reap the perks of vardenafil HCL 20 mg, it therefore takes a well-educated user to avoid complications. One of the precautions you should not neglect while taking vardenafil HCL 20 mg medications is drug interactions. If you want to fulfil your sexual desire at the same time not leaving your blood pressure treatment, then it is best to talk to your doctor rather than implying self-treatment with vardenafil HCL 20 mg. Moreover, you have to know the half-life of vardenafil HCL 20 mg if ever you decide to pursue other medications so that you will know the time interval between the drugs.

You can avail vardenafil HCL 20 mg online without prescriptions. But if you have other health issues, then you should strictly comply with your doctor’s advices and be aware of vardenafil HCL 20 mg precautions.